Recording with a Mic

Recording with a Mic

Where’s your audio headed?

Think about your target audience–will they be listening on their phone? In transit? At work?

A 5-second Instagram story or an hour-long podcast?

Ultra Short-Form (Instagram)

You need a microphone to capture audio.

Microphones come built into all iOS + Android devices, but will they be sufficient?

Entry-level Long-form (Podcast)

Long-form content (e.g. an hour-long podcast) will benefit tremendously from going one step above your iPhone/Android device’s mic.

One step up is a USB microphone like the Blue Yeti for ~$130:

Blue Yeti

We’ve used Blue Yetis for years–aside from problems with plugging more than 1 identical USB device into a Mac, it’s great.

For long-form video?

USB mics can suffice for video–although they can be an eyesore.

To hide them away, you can pick up lavalier mics, which can cost ~$300 a pop:

Rode Lavalier mic

What if I have a lot of money to spend?

If you’re curious about what top tier podcasters (spending top $) use then checkout what the Joe Rogan Experience uses.

Joe Rogan & Alex Jones

Godspeed You! Black Emperor